Clinique Superbalanced Silk MakeUp Review

    8 January 2017

    Hello 2017! Guys, this is actually the first blog post of 2017. Are you already excited? During the winter time your skin probably needs a little more coverage as usual. Not only do you look like you didn’t sleep for days and dehydrated, you also look pale. These are not my most “good looking” and “healthy” days because I prefer my skin to be a “little” more tanned and I actually can not wait to go to places with a…

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  • Macarons Flat lay

    My Week Through Instax

    It’s almost Christmas, that’s the first thing that crosses my mind when I’m currently writing this blog post. Probably because there is a Christmas song playing on the radio, in the background. Who else…

    10 December 2016
  • Stripped blazer outfit

    Let’s Talk About Feelings!

    Hi guys, how have you been? It’s been a while since I published a new blog post. Let me explain this to you: sometimes you haven’t been doing anything that really matters in a…

    5 December 2016
  • how to wear culottes

    The Proof You Need for Wearing Culotte Pants this Fall

    Hi guys! How’s everything doing? Belgium is getting a (little) colder, so I can finally wear my favorite fall/winter outfits again. Luckily for us Belgians, the sun is still shining bright so that’s a…

    8 October 2016
  • shkoder, albania

    TRAVEL DIARY: Shkodër, Shkodër

    Hi guys! I’m back! Finally, I’m back in the game. After my resits and leaving for Albania and Serbia for 2 weddings, I was a “little” busy. Just fooling myself that I didn’t had…

    24 September 2016