Carrera Cafe’s Coffee in Los Angeles

    Wanna here a joke?  Decaf. There is one particular need that needs to be fulfilled when I’m traveling: my addiction to coffee. Since a few years, I’ve became a caffeine addict. Saddly enough coffee dehydrates your skin and makes you run to the bathroom every 30 minutes. Coffee doesn’t only fulfill the role of being a part of your morning routine but is also great Instagram material. If you open your phone and scroll through your Instagram feed, you will…

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  • Caribbean view

    Tropical Vibes In Sint-Maarten

    Remember when you see a picture on Instagram or Pinterest, like these very beautiful images of clear, turquoise water? You instant get jealous because of the pure beauty? That’s where I went. I visited…

  • Blonde hair outfit

    Blondes Do It Better

    “Only 2 % of people in the world are natural blondes” Or “blonde women are stupid” But .. One in three women dye their locks light enough to be blonde. Strange? I don’t think…

  • Braided bun blonde hairstyle

    Hair Fashion Night L’Oréal Professionnel

    Yesterday, the whole world (at least 35 countries according to Glamour) were celebrating Hair Fashion Night, a hairstyle event of L’Oréal Pro. Bringing an ode to the glamorous hairdressing industry and showcasing the hottest…

  • Nike Air Max Day outfit

    Celebrating Nike Air Max Day

    How I wear My Nike Air Max sneakers  Today on 26 March, every sneaker-addict is or will be celebrating Nike Air Max day. Are you with me? “30 YEARS, FULL OF TIMELESS DESIGNS OF…

  • How to style a bomber jacket

    My Late New Year’s Resolutions + The Bomberjacket Edit

    It’s already March but who cares? “Better late then never, right?” A few months ago, bloggers, influencers, magazines (you name it) worldwide were already publishing their new year vows. I thought about the purpose…

  • Hoodie street style

    Hoodie Weather

    Hi, and welcome to my website. I always find it very awkward to start a blog post. Should I ask how your guys are doing? Or with “what’s up”? Let me know. I don’t…