My Favourite Lush Products You Should Try Out│Skin Care Routine

    15 October 2016
    Lush products review

    Hi guys! I’m happy to announce that, In the near future, I will be writing about a brand new topic: beauty. There will be some upcoming reviews about your favorite products and tips very soon! While we are facing bare cold winter days here in Belgium, I was thinking about how I could protect my skin against drying out. It’s no big secret that not only “beauty bloggers” are a big fan of pampering their skin to look “flawless” in…

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  • shkoder, albania

    TRAVEL DIARY: Shkodër, Shkodër

    Hi guys! I’m back! Finally, I’m back in the game. After my resits and leaving for Albania and Serbia for 2 weddings, I was a “little” busy. Just fooling myself that I didn’t had…

    24 September 2016
  • my trip to new york city

    What’s Up, New York City

    Some of you may know that I’ve been on a vacay to New York City last year in September. Is it a coincidence that Fashion Week took place there at the exact time that…

    5 August 2016
  • Kanye West inspired outfit

    OOTD┃Give me the heads up

    “I hope you could take it” Hi, to all of you! Who else can’t get Drake’s latest album “Views” out of there head? Well me neither. The latest song I’ve heard of the damn…

    29 July 2016
  • Vanessa Hong

    INFLUENCER of the Week: Vanessa Hong

    “VANESSA HONG” These days I’m all the time inspired by “Asian Persuasian”. Do you still remember my favorite? Dear Margaret Zhang is friends with one of my favorite, ice blonde influencers: Vanessa Hong. I…

    18 May 2016