Hunkemöller Blogger Awards│How Sportswear Became The New Streetwear

    Hunkemöller blogger awards sport

    In collaboration with Hunkemöller Something excited is coming up. Hunkemöller has nominated me in the category Sport for the first edition of the “Hunkemöller Blogger Awards”. There’s only one thing that you need to do: VOTE VOTE VOTE  Let’s be honest with each other. Sportswear and sneakers has become one of the key elements in street style. You would be surprised if you see how many people in Paris Fashion Week were dressed like they were going to the gym.…

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    Blondes Do It Better

    “Only 2 % of people in the world are natural blondes” Or “blonde women are stupid” But .. One in three women dye their locks light enough to be blonde. Strange? I don’t think…

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    Celebrating Nike Air Max Day

    How I wear My Nike Air Max sneakers  Today on 26 March, every sneaker-addict is or will be celebrating Nike Air Max day. Are you with me? “30 YEARS, FULL OF TIMELESS DESIGNS OF…

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    Hi, and welcome to my website. I always find it very awkward to start a blog post. Should I ask how your guys are doing? Or with “what’s up”? Let me know. I don’t…

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    The Leather Jumpsuit

     Something incredibly sad but also exciting happend this week, I turned 23 years old. People who know me know that I don’t like aging at all. Off course I need to see it from…