Touchdown in Los Angeles

    Los Angeles bloggers streetstyle

    “Turn the world upside down and everything loose will land in Los Angeles” How you interpret these words is up to you. Whenever I think about Los Angeles, I’ve tried to find the perfect way to describe the feeling I’ve get when I think about it. I’ve stumbled upon this quote and I immediately felt the same way as Frank Lloyd Wright. I gave a lot of thought about whether I would write this blog post or not. Nowadays people…

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  • Travel

    Carrera Cafe’s Coffee in Los Angeles

    Wanna here a joke?  Decaf. There is one particular need that needs to be fulfilled when I’m traveling: my addiction to coffee. Since a few years, I’ve became a caffeine addict. Saddly enough coffee…

  • Caribbean view

    Tropical Vibes In Sint-Maarten

    Remember when you see a picture on Instagram or Pinterest, like these very beautiful images of clear, turquoise water? You instant get jealous because of the pure beauty? That’s where I went. I visited…

  • Blonde hair outfit

    Blondes Do It Better

    “Only 2 % of people in the world are natural blondes” Or “blonde women are stupid” But .. One in three women dye their locks light enough to be blonde. Strange? I don’t think…

  • Braided bun blonde hairstyle

    Hair Fashion Night L’Oréal Professionnel

    Yesterday, the whole world (at least 35 countries according to Glamour) were celebrating Hair Fashion Night, a hairstyle event of L’Oréal Pro. Bringing an ode to the glamorous hairdressing industry and showcasing the hottest…

  • Nike Air Max Day outfit

    Celebrating Nike Air Max Day

    How I wear My Nike Air Max sneakers  Today on 26 March, every sneaker-addict is or will be celebrating Nike Air Max day. Are you with me? “30 YEARS, FULL OF TIMELESS DESIGNS OF…

  • How to style a bomber jacket

    My Late New Year’s Resolutions + The Bomberjacket Edit

    It’s already March but who cares? “Better late then never, right?” A few months ago, bloggers, influencers, magazines (you name it) worldwide were already publishing their new year vows. I thought about the purpose…