The 90’s look is Back: Layering Your T-Shirt Under Your Top

T-shirt under top look

Ladies, if you haven’t already noticed (off course you probably have, eye roll) the 90’s are back! Not only are the skinny jeans banned to the back of your closet and replaced by a far more, non-cellulite model (yes, skinny jeans can be the cause of the problem why you still don’t have your summer legs); the jeans with very wide legs, the bootcut model. It took a while before “accepting” this current trend, but now you’ll love it. Or at least I do. When I bought this particular jeans that I’m wearing on these pictures I thought it would be not that “skinny”.

So now we can wear our t-shirts under our spaghetti straps again! Yay! The layered-tank-over-t-shirt look is back. And we can also add “the chocker necklace”. I must admit I’m not a person who likes to follow trends at all and I think you can wear anything at any time without a certain time-limit. But can you imagine doing this last year? Me neither. You would look like one of main characters of your favorite movie when you were an 8 year old.
Chocker necklace street style

I must say I’m a big fan of the chocker. It defines your outfit pretty well! The outfit I’m wearing is a pretty simple one, but I’m still trying out the look that Kendall Jenner wore to the afterparty of the MTV Movie Awards; a pastel-colored, silk dress over a clean shirt with over the knee boots. Off course I don’t have two meters long legs so finding a appropriate dress for this look is quite a job for me.

A tip if you try this layered-tank-over-t-shirt look: 

I suggest if you try this look, you should (buy) or maybe you already have a good shirt, the point is: you need a good, tight t-shirt! The one I’m wearing is a little bit to loose fitted and the sleeves are too long, so I don’t really, really like this outfit completely. Another tip: wear pants that are also more loose fitted, when you’re wearing a more tight top.

If you still don’t know how to wear this look, join Pinterest (now!) and you will find plenty street style trend setters who will make your heart go faster. Or start watching “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” because the reality sisters have adopted this trend to every detail. Maybe I should give their stylist Monica Rose the credits for their “flawless” looks.

t-shirt under top layered look

We are back!

So what else is back? I am! After a busy schedule filled with exams these past 3 weeks, I didn’t have time (our didn’t make any time) to write blog posts or produce content. I don’t know how my fellow bloggers out there do this, but I must plan better.

I don’t know why, but sometimes I feel like a dead fish on my blog pictures. 

denim jacket over t-shirt street style


choker from Urban Outfitters: similar here

leather top from Zara: similar here

customized denim jacket: gift 

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      Ahwww, Thank you Biby!

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