Blondes Do It Better

Blonde hair outfit

“Only 2 % of people in the world are natural blondes”

Or “blonde women are stupid”

But ..

One in three women dye their locks light enough to be blonde.

Strange? I don’t think so.

Blonde hair outfit

Surprise, surprise I went blonde again. Yes, this is actually my natural hair color but no one seems to believe it. I have been coloring my hair since my 18th birthday. I went dark, a little darker and then black but that wasn’t my choice actually, some hairdressers will never learn their craft.

One thing I’ve noticed through the weeks is that blonde hair costs you more than having an other color. If you want to maintain your golden locks healthy and shiny without getting yellow tones in your hair, you need to obtain a strong silver-shampoo and conditioner. You also need to tone your hair on a regular basis.

Gold earrings outfit

Since I’ve been a blonde again, I never received so much compliments about my hair. Why do people get al excited when they see blonde women or men? Why do blondes have so much fun? 

I will figure it out soon enough.

Blonde hair look

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