Carrera Cafe’s Coffee in Los Angeles

Wanna here a joke? 

There is one particular need that needs to be fulfilled when I’m traveling: my addiction to coffee.

Since a few years, I’ve became a caffeine addict. Saddly enough coffee dehydrates your skin and makes you run to the bathroom every 30 minutes.

Coffee doesn’t only fulfill the role of being a part of your morning routine but is also great Instagram material. If you open your phone and scroll through your Instagram feed, you will notice the amount of caffeine and “cute” pictures.

Carrera Cafe in Los Angeles


Carrera Cafe in Los Angeles has by far, one of the best coffees I’ve ever tasted. Okey, maybe it has something to do with the cool pictures you get on your coffee. Who doesn’t want the iconic cyring Kim Kardashian emoji printed on their foam? Somebody interested in some latte art?

Except for their cool images you could have on your coffee, the interior and decoration of the Carrera Cafe was one of the main reasons why people stopped by for a quick bite and a shot of caffeine.

Would you believe me if I told you that the cafe is one of the most “Instagramable” hot spots of L.A? You would, wouldn’t you? I’m guilty at being one of those superficial girls who loves going to a nice place to take a picture, luckily the coffee was good. Maybe it was because of the superficial Hollywood air.

Still love L.A. though.

Carrera Cafe Bar in Los AngelesCarrera Cafe Coffee Los Angeles

carrera cafe coffee bar los angeles


Carrera Cafe

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