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    TRAVEL DIARY: Get to know me in Belgrade, Serbia + Street Style Look

    1 October 2016
    street style in Belgrade, Serbia

    Hi guys! I already told you in my latest blog postΒ that I’ve also been to Serbia this summer. Surprise, surprise also for a big, beautiful and glamorous wedding. Did you know that some people really don’t like going to weddings? It makes them feel uncomfortable and unnecessary pressured. Why would that be? Everyone who lives in Albania or in Serbia has already attended multiple weddings in their younger years. Here, in Belgium, we don’t go to weddings that often and…

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  • shkoder, albania

    TRAVEL DIARY: ShkodΓ«r, ShkodΓ«r

    Hi guys! I’m back! Finally, I’m back in the game. After my resits and leaving for Albania and Serbia for 2 weddings, I was a “little” busy. Just fooling myself that I didn’t had…

    24 September 2016
  • my trip to new york city

    What’s Up, New York City

    Some of you may know that I’ve been on a vacay to New York City last year in September. Is it a coincidence that Fashion Week took place there at the exact time that…

    5 August 2016
  • Dubai

    TRAVEL DIARY: Old & New Dubai

    “How the world sees Dubai” When your hear about Dubai, pronounced as Doe-bei-i, the only things you (probably) hear are: super rich people driving around in the best, outrageous cars and they don’t count…

    3 May 2016