Clinique Superbalanced Silk MakeUp Review

Hello 2017!

Guys, this is actually the first blog post of 2017. Are you already excited?

During the winter time your skin probably needs a little more coverage as usual. Not only do you look like you didn’t sleep for days and dehydrated, you also look pale. These are not my most “good looking” and “healthy” days because I prefer my skin to be a “little” more tanned and I actually can not wait to go to places with a temperature higher than 25 degrees. So what does this say about your makeup? Because during the summer you get the feeling that you don’t even need to cover your face because of your gorgeous tanned skin and you drink a lot more water. Say hello to that beautiful summer glow!

Clinique superbalanced silk makeup review

Clinique Superbalanced Silk Foundation Review

Off course you still want to look as “natural” ass possible and want to remain that beautiful “glow” so here does the superbalanced foundation of Clinique jumps in. As you can see on the pictures, the foundation has a light and soft coverage. Perfect for readers who don’t want to spend hours “brushing” themselfs up before they leave the house and it’s also perfect if you’re not into contouring or baking.

No, I’m not speaking about baking a cake or other delicious desserts, baking is real, look it up! 

I also think it’s very important to protect your skin during every season, yes, also when the sun only shines for 5 minutes here in Belgium. I still prefer a foundation with a minimal SPF factor. Luckily for us ladies who don’t want to look old  and wrinkled when we are 31, Clinique’s superbalanced foundation has an SPF (15) that protects our delicate skin from UVB and UVA sunlights.

If you suffer from an more “oily” skin from time to time and you have finding trouble to find a foundation that doesn’t clog your pores even more, I advice to give this one a try. It controls oil but hydrates where needed and it feels super soft on your face!

Clinique foundation review

“Which shade matches my skin tone?”

 During the winter time, everybody looks a little more pale as usual. At least I do. Because I love traveling and I’m probably going to travel to some hot destinations in a few months, maybe weeks?! (who knows) I’ve chosen a shade that’s not “too light” but still suits my skin tone. It is very important to wear a shade that matches your skin tone, sometimes you need to mix two shades up to get that perfect color that suits the color of your face. I recommend testing a sample of  2 shades of foundation on your jawline before purchasing it!

Before buying a foundation, you need to know the color of the undertone of your skin so that you can test the right shades. The undertone of my skin is warm but you may think that it doesn’t look that way in the pictures. It is a misconception that girls who look more pale can’t be warm-toned. If you want to know if your warm or cold-toned, I suggest you check the color of your veins on the inside of your wrist. Are they blue or green? If the veins look greenish, you’re warm. If they look more blue, you’re cold. Also most of the time does a girl with cool undertones look better with silver and platinum jewellery then with gold.

My choice

Shade: Silk Bisque 

Shade: Silk Cream Chamois

Clinique superbalanced silk makeup

“How do I apply this product the best way possible?”

I’ve applied the foundation with a foundation brush from Clinique itself, when most of the times I use a beauty blender. I didn’t used the beauty blender because it sometimes soaks to much product in it and with a foundation brush you can a little more coverage.

I can honestly tell you that the superbalanced foundation is a very easy product to work with it and you don’t get the feeling that the foundation is too “cakey” or is “wearing you” if you know what I mean.

Sometimes when your skin is a little bit dryer and de-hydrated because of the over exposing of the cold weather, your foundation can look a little bit “flacky”. To prevent the flacky situation I suggest you drink a lot water and hydrate your skin as good as possible. Also scrub in time! Yes, scrub! Why would you do that you may ask yourself? Scrubbing is the best way to prevent your skin from looking dull (off course, it “elminates” dead skin cells) and your foundation will apply much smoother.

Let me know your thoughts about the superbalanced foundation!

Clinique superbalanced silk makeupClinique superbalanced foundationClinique superbalanced makeup review

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