Green Bomber Jackets

a girl wearing a green bomber jacket and vans sneakers

green bomber jackets and vans

Hi there! It’s been a while since I blogged a new outfit post but it’s not really my fault! Blame it on the gorgeous Belgium weather. This look is one of my fave, because I combine two clothing items I really adore; my green bomber jacket and my Vans sk8-HI sneakers. Also, who doesn’t have a bomber jacket these days hanging in their closet? Have you seen how popular it has become? It isn’t one of my original looks but I don’t care, I love it anyway! And after a series of searching and shopping, I finally found a green one! Looking for the perfect bomber jacket is not easy. You have to consider a few things before purchasing one. Which color do you like? Green, black or maybe brown? And off course you have a lot of choices nowadays, so, that’s not making it easier for any of us who adore shopping. Here are some tips for you when you’re considering buying one now or in the future:

1.The Fit

Off course you want to have that “edgy” effect when you wear your bomber jacket! I feel like if you put on a bomber jacket, you instantly look cool. So the fit is very important. I have experienced that you ALWAYS have to try your jacket on because the sizing depends from one brand to another and some of them fit very wide. Which you don’t always want.

2. The Color

I’ve made a few mistakes in the past regarding buying clothing items that didn’t suit my skin tone or the rest of my closet. You can really fall in love with a piece, but end up not wearing it after all or regretting buying it. So check your closet before you buy one! Always consider beforehand if you’re going to wear it for a long period of time and if it suits your own style.

3. Dress It Down

Winter is coming within a few weeks and you still want to wear your bomber jacket when it’s getting colder. This may be the most important tip because I already told you the fit really matters, but also the clothing item underneath it. You don’t want to wait until Spring for wearing your jacket again. So make sure you can fit a chunky  jumper underneath. An other possibility may be to wear your bomber underneath your coat, if you’re more likely to do so: make sure the material of your jacket isn’t to thick – that way you can still wear him for summer!

a girl wearing a bomber jacket and vans sneakers

a girl wearing a green bomber jacket and vans sneakers
a girl wearing a green bomber jacket and vans sneakers bomber jacket and vansWearing

Green bomber jacket: similar here

Vans SK8-HI sneakers: here

Black trousers: similar here

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