How Beyoncé Brings Out The Best In Me and You + Faux Fur Coat Look

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Hi guys!

Every blog post, I’m wondering how should I begin. Should I ask how you’ve been doing or just begin my story? Who knows? I’m currently addicted to this faux fur coat that I’m wearing in the pictures and Beyoncé’s latest album: Lemonade. But who isn’t? I actually think that Queen B could also pull this look off, maybe way better than me.

Faux Fur Coat’s

This coat is definitely my favorite from all the coats I ever bought! When I wear this coat, I never worry about what I’m going to wear underneath because this coat already makes a statement from itself. I feel like you can wear it with every type of shoe and it stills looks cool. Yes, I still use the word “cool”. I actually bought it last year but I never did a blog post about it and that’s kinda strange for me because I absolutely loved this coat. The design is perfect for me because I’m not the tallest person and also the color blocking makes it more fun to wear it daily.

If you don’t know where to start searching for a model like this one, I suggest you take a look at Asos.  I probably will be ending up buying another one myself!
faux fur coat trend

 “Our love was stronger than your pride”

But now I want to talk a little bit more about Queen B. This subject is really important to me because I think a lot of women look up to Beyoncé and feel like she’s the older sister they never had who shares her “experiences” with them.

But to be more precise, I’m totally in love with the song “All Night”. I don’t know why I like it so much, maybe because we can all relate to this beautiful piece.

I don’t think anybody expected that Beyoncé would make such a power “comeback” with Lemonade after every gossip magazine was accusing her husband of cheating on her. And btw, who’s husband would show up in his wife’s tour  when he was actually humiliated in front of the world and then perform with her? Was it a “business decision” or was he just showing support to his faithful wife? After all Lemonade is basically showing us how Bey’s felt about the betray after 8 years of marriage and she is clearly sending him a message that she’s still the queen of the music industry. How dares he even tink about another women when you have a goddess like her, that’s the secret message behind the album according to me.

Sometimes I wonder how Beyoncé does it everyday. There’s clearly nobody like her in the industry now who can make a statement like that and even “sell the story behind her marriage” in a worldwide sold out tour. I’ve been to her Formation World Tour, 2 months ago in Brussels, and I was surprised to see a loving, private video of their wedding during the break. She was basically hushing her fans for giving the rapper another chance. After all Jay Z will be always be the love of her live.

Wearing: faux fur coat from Asos; similar here, sneakers “Air Max 95”, jeans from Bershka, bag from Chloé, turtle neck from H&M

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  • Reply Rebecca 11 October 2016 at 20:15

    I love faux fur jackets, I swear I buy a new one every year! X

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    This coat looks so amazingly good for the Winter!

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    Love the look! And especially love your logo! Super cute!

  • Reply Daniel 12 October 2016 at 09:41

    Love the coat! So cool!

    Daniel x

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