Hunkemöller Blogger Awards│How Sportswear Became The New Streetwear

Hunkemöller blogger awards sport

In collaboration with Hunkemöller

Something excited is coming up.

Hunkemöller has nominated me in the category Sport for the first edition of the
“Hunkemöller Blogger Awards”.

There’s only one thing that you need to do:


Hunkemöller blogger awards sport

Let’s be honest with each other.

Sportswear and sneakers has become one of the key elements in street style. You would be surprised if you see how many people in Paris Fashion Week were dressed like they were going to the gym. Maybe it has something to do with comfort dressing or maybe women are tired of having blisters all over their feet because of their new Louboutins and prefer to wear their Nikes instead.


Hunkemöller Blogger Awards Sportswear

What I love the most about Hunkemöller’s new sport collection is that it proves that you can be dressed comfortable and sexy. Another thing that I like about this sport collection is that you can easily continue your day activities when your leaving the gym.

Who doesn’t want to relax with a drink after a steamy and sweaty sport session.

Outfit: top Hunkemöller, legging Hunkemöller, sneakers Nike Air Jordan 1

Hunkemöller Blogger Awards Sportswear

Nike Air Force 1 sneakers blogger



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