Led Zeppelin and ripped jeans


Since the days in my lovely country Belgium are getting colder, I am getting more interested in (leather) jackets. Last week I was visiting the city that never sleeps, oh yeah, New York City. I wasn’t able to wear any kind of jacket because of the hot weather. A little surprised and NOT prepared (I’m from a very, very rainy place) so I needed to buy summer wear, again. Unfortunately the cold has made an appearance here in Belgium, so I went looking for the perfect, black, leather jacket and I found one!

After many long hours of searching and running around in the fashionable streets of Soho without a result, I found this jacket in Antwerp, Belgium. You’ll find more details below the picture.

I start my first blog post with a (essential) leather jacket, a white Led Zeppelin t-shirt and ripped jeans. The basic clothing items that every woman needs. Soon I’ll be posting an article about all my purchases in Manhattan.


Leather jacket from IKKS

T-shirt from Dash

Ripped jeans from GAP 

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