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Hi guys, how have you been? It’s been a while since I published a new blog post. Let me explain this to you: sometimes you haven’t been doing anything that really matters in a weekend or something that fulfills your duties, but that’s ok. Sometimes you want to lay in bed and watch your favorite tv-show on Netflix on repeat and eat only fast food, in my case that’s like basically all the time. I’m currently hooked to 3 %, (you should check it out!). Another problem that I have is that my head is full of creative ideas that I want to create and post on my blog but there’s always so much time in a day. Sometimes you’re searching even more for inspiration on the internet or you google your favorite influencers. This brought me to the point that I was reading Isabella Thordsen‘s blog today and I saw a blog post that immediately drew my attention:


I admire Isabella for her beautiful personal style and taste in interior design. Besides that, I was very happy to read this particular blog post that I’m referring to in the first paragraph. She’s talking about the fact that she moved with her boyfriend from London to Denmark and that she now constantly feels the pressure to make her boyfriend happy. Off course she wants to make her boyfriend happy but she also feels that she’s responsable for his happiness. We all have experienced something like this right? That sometimes your social life asks to much of you and you don’t think about your own needs anymore. At least that’s my interpretation of the blog post.

You want to succeed in school or in your work, you want the best relationship ever, you don’t want to disappoint your family and friends. These are the personal issues you’re struggling with sometimes.  And for some of us there is a “blog” that need to be updated on a regular basis, which asks a lot of effort. OKEY?! Stop it life, your messing around with me. There is a constantly pressure that tells you to impress the world on a daily basis. I hope some you have experienced this too and I would love to say to you: IT’S OK.

Blazer outfit


I think it’s a shame that not many influencers like Isabella talk about their experience with constant pressure to achieve the goals that have been set for yourself. I think they would receive so much appreciation and love from smaller bloggers who look up to them and know it’s okay to fail sometimes. Just to know that, means a lot. Everybody starts out very small and is struggling sometimes with “not having a clue what to do in life”.

If you guys ever experienced something like this  I would like to hear about it! Or if you maybe knew some influencers/bloggers/vloggers who talk about their fear and daily struggles with life, I’m always interested to get to know their story.







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