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Lush products review

Hi guys!

I’m happy to announce that, In the near future, I will be writing about a brand new topic: beauty. There will be some upcoming reviews about your favorite products and tips very soon!

While we are facing bare cold winter days here in Belgium, I was thinking about how I could protect my skin against drying out. It’s no big secret that not only “beauty bloggers” are a big fan of pampering their skin to look “flawless” in pictures. Also people who write about “fashion” or “street style” want to look damn good so you’ll re-pin their pictures on your Pinterest boards. Since the beginning I’ve been a big fan of Lush and their incredible beautiful stores. Actually my sister convinced me every time to try out their products and she (stills) drags me to their paradise store in Antwerp.

Lush Products Review

The one thing that convinced me the most to make a quick stop at Lush was that their brand is cruelty free! Lush is 100 % Vegetarian and for 80 % Vegan. Wow, finally! A fabulous brand that got the message. Also one thing that I’ve learned about cosmetics is that you actually should be able to eat the things you put on your skin. Weird right?

Let me explain this to you:

For example, Lush is well known for their fresh handmade cosmetics. One of my favorite products of them, that I almost use every day and I’m totally in love with is their “Angels On Bare Skin” face and body cleanser. The cleanser is made out of: almonds, lavender, water and blue camomile. These are real ingredients that you can actually eat! And your skin will probably never be damaged! Think about that the next time you’re having a “haul” at Sephora and maybe you will never look the same at your favorite mascara.

Lush products review

My Favorite Lush Products +Review
9 to 5″ Cleansing lotion

The “9 to 5” cleansing lotion says it all already, it is for us busy ladies a very easy and user friendly product that doesn’t take to much time and effort in the morning. It’s especially made for busy mornings and ladies who would like to clean up their face a little bit before they leave and continue with their “oh-so” busy schedules. Maybe the reason why I like this product the most: it contains Almond oil. Get ready to shine!

“Rub Rub Rub” Shower Scrub

Everybody who really knows me, knows that I’m a little obsessed with my skin. It’s not a big secret that you should scrub your skin every once and a while, actually probably 2 times a week. I think I do this 4 times, oops. The “rub rub rub” scrub exists out of sea salt that kills all the dead skin cells and makes your skin look bright again. Bonus point: the color of this product is amazing, who wouldn’t want this?

Tea Tree Toner Water

I remember topmodel Adriana Lima saying when she was asked to share one of her beauty secrets that the one thing she uses for (starting) pimples and that actually really works is tea tree oil. Every time when I feel that my skin is feeling oily or dull, I use this product and the next day there are no pimples visible! The tea tree oil reduces redness and clears excess oil without drying out your skin. It’s also a vegan product!

Lush toner water review

Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser

I’ve said it before this one of my favorite productes to use. It gently exfoliates your skin so that it doesn’t dry out and you could also use this everyday. You only have to add some water and mix it up! It even looks like a tasty morning meal then. Also 100 % vegan.

Celestial Moisturiser

How can you have a perfect, bright skin without even adding a good moisturiser to your every day skin care routine? This “Celestial” Lush moisturiser is actually my twin sister’s favorite product to use every day because she has very sensitive skin. It helps troubled or dry skin to become more balanced and the texture is very light and easy to use. Off course this product contains our favorite ingredient: almonds, who are high in Vitamin E! I think I also gave you some food inspiration with this blog post ;).

Lush face cleanser review


Don’t forget to bring your empty and clean pots to your nearby Lush store so you can receive a free and fresh face or hair masque!

*** Btw, this blog post isn’t sponsored, I actually LOVE the quality of Lush’s products and their awesome mindset (think: animal welfare, no more testing on animals guys!)


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