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Macarons Flat lay

It’s almost Christmas, that’s the first thing that crosses my mind when I’m currently writing this blog post. Probably because there is a Christmas song playing on the radio, in the background. Who else loves a good X-mas spirit? 

A few weeks ago I was invited to a cool event in Bruxelles by Fujifilm Belgium. They showed us all the different kinds of Instax products they had and the accessories that come with it. And guess what? The team of Fujifilm Belgium gifted us with a Instax mini 70 in the most beautiful color: gold. Looking for Christmas presents, anybody? Here’s a tip!

I think you can make so many beautiful things with a Instax camera and I’ve tried to show you guys my week through this little camera. I loved how you can make memories in just a split second and I can carry the pictures with me every single moment. How beautiful is that?

I would like to present you guys my week through Instax:


Flat lay Instagram

The first day that I’ve started using my Instax mini 70, I was thinking about why people like to use this little camera. The first thing that popped into my head was that people like to use it because it’s easy to carry with you and you can also make memories with your family, friends or just for yourself. The camera is also very easy to reload and you don’t need to wait hours to print something.

I made a little collage of pictures that I’ve taken over the years with my friends or people I actually recently met on a blogger events.

Fun fact: I have a thousand of pictures on my laptop that I don’t use and forgot that I had them, plus I still have the pictures that I made with Instax in my wallet.


Instax Mini 70 FujifilmPeople who really know me, know that I don’t love/like to eat (very) healthy but I have found something new that I really like to eat and drink everyday: almond yoghurt and almond milk. Tuesday was the first day in weeks that I’ve actually had a very healthy day, yes yoghurt all the way ;). I love to mix the previous pictures, that I took with my Instax, into a collage or a flat lay. The results you get with mixing-up some of your favorite things are always the best.


Instax Mini 70
I always thought that macarons were some “overrated” product that people only liked them just to upload them for their Instagram feed and stories. There’s actually a store near by my apartment in Antwerp where I always walk by every morning not paying much attention. But I’ve always been inspired by the concept and interior of the brand’s world wide popular stores and fancied it a little bit. It was until this week that I visited the store!

You can’t deny the fact when there are some macarons in a picture, people always love it. I also think it’s a very beautiful product and also surprisingly very delicious.


Instax Mini Collage



When I scrolled through Instagram for some inspiration on my blog, I mostly see people putting their outfits together in a collage. Sometimes I like this “way of working” more because you can see all the details from an outfit and it makes it look more beautiful.

What do you think of the outfit that I was wearing Thursday? 


I would like to show you guys my favorite pictures that I’ve taken with my Instax mini 70 last week. It was a very busy week but also a very fun one. When you’re taking your Instax camera with you, you’re paying more attention at the details of everything you walk by. Sometimes you’re even surprised that you didn’t notice the details of some buildings you cross by every day. I had  lot of moments like this during this week: “hey, I never saw that” or maybe I’m the only person that experienced those thoughts.

I definitely going to bring my Instax camera more to special occasions with me or on my way to school just to recap the memories.

Instax collage




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