• Macarons Flat lay

    My Week Through Instax

    It’s almost Christmas, that’s the first thing that crosses my mind when I’m currently writing this blog post. Probably because there is a Christmas song playing on the radio, in the background. Who else…

    10 December 2016
  • Stripped blazer outfit

    Let’s Talk About Feelings!

    Hi guys, how have you been? It’s been a while since I published a new blog post. Let me explain this to you: sometimes you haven’t been doing anything that really matters in a…

    5 December 2016
  • how to wear culottes

    The Proof You Need for Wearing Culotte Pants this Fall

    Hi guys! How’s everything doing? Belgium is getting a (little) colder, so I can finally wear my favorite fall/winter outfits again. Luckily for us Belgians, the sun is still shining bright so that’s a…

    8 October 2016
  • shkoder, albania

    TRAVEL DIARY: Shkodër, Shkodër

    Hi guys! I’m back! Finally, I’m back in the game. After my resits and leaving for Albania and Serbia for 2 weddings, I was a “little” busy. Just fooling myself that I didn’t had…

    24 September 2016
  • my trip to new york city

    What’s Up, New York City

    Some of you may know that I’ve been on a vacay to New York City last year in September. Is it a coincidence that Fashion Week took place there at the exact time that…

    5 August 2016