• Vanessa Hong

    INFLUENCER of the Week: Vanessa Hong

    “VANESSA HONG” These days I’m all the time inspired by “Asian Persuasian”. Do you still remember my favorite? Dear Margaret Zhang is friends with one of my favorite, ice blonde influencers: Vanessa Hong. I…

    18 May 2016
  • A girl wears a culotte and a top with eyelet detail

    All you need is a Stripped Culotte

    “The Stripped Culotte” When you wear pants like this you don’t have to add anything else to complete your outfit. This striped culotte are currently my favorite one to wear when it’s getting a…

    14 May 2016
  • Girl wearing a Puma sweater and pants from Topshop

    Old Skool PUMA before Rihanna and Kylie Jenner

    “PUMA BEFORE RIHANNA AND KYLIE JENNER” Since our childhood we’ve all been a big fan of Puma. Who remembers the old skool sneakers from the brand? When I was young I wore it every…

    7 May 2016
  • Dubai

    TRAVEL DIARY: Old & New Dubai

    “How the world sees Dubai” When your hear about Dubai, pronounced as Doe-bei-i, the only things you (probably) hear are: super rich people driving around in the best, outrageous cars and they don’t count…

    3 May 2016
  • blogger wearing a tommy hilfiger denim jacket


    “Tommy Hilfiger Jeans” First of all, I am so happy that Tommy Hilfiger Jeans reinvented their clothing pieces and introduced us to theΒ 90’s vibe again. Classic, clean, oversized, 90’s inspired pieces from good material…

    23 April 2016
  • A girl wearing a bandana

    How To Wear A Bandana

    “How To Wear A Bandana” You’ve probably seen the bandana styled by many influencers like Margaret Zhang and on other famous personalities like Rihanna and Candice Swanepoel (think about Amy Whinehouse who made it…

    15 April 2016
  • A girl wearing a jeans jacket and a lace skirt

    Customized Denim Jackets and Romantic Lace

    Hi again. Wow almost a month without a single blogpost. I should apologize. Didn’t you guys lose interest yet? I’ve had exams two weeks ago and I’ve been on a trip to Abu Dhabi.…

    11 April 2016
  • Street style in Albania

    Street Style in Albania, Tirana

    “STREET STYLE in TIRANA, ALBANIA” When Belgium is getting a little (like 2 degrees more) warmer, I began dreaming about my latest trips and vacations. I thought I never used my pictures from my…

    13 March 2016