Old Skool PUMA before Rihanna and Kylie Jenner

Girl wearing a Puma sweater and pants from Topshop

Since our childhood we’ve all been a big fan of Puma. Who remembers the old skool sneakers from the brand? When I was young I wore it every single day to school. How old was I? I guess 13 years old. Then Puma fell into a black hole, I suposse. Nobody didn’t wear the German brand anymore but then suddenly Rihanna gets involved and the brand starts selling again! Wasn’t Fenty Puma by Rihanna a huge success? and actually still is? Who wanted the pink, fur sandals? Or is still looking for the trainers? I guess Puma saw the success competitor (in the same niche) Adidas had when rapper Kanye West sold his Yeezy collection. Music pays off.

Even his sister in law Kylie Jenner collaborated with Puma and make some “wanted” sneakers. They have their marketing strategies back on point, that’s the least you can say about it. I have to admit I also was a fan of Rihanna’s collection!

Girl wearing a Puma sweater

The red sweater, which I’m wearing in the pictures, is NOT from Fenty collection. It’s a piece from a  collection that landed “20 years” ago. I’m not sure actually when, but it’s a old sweater. Nowadays I’m not such a big fan of the collections being launched now but more into the old skool, re-invented pieces if you know what I mean. For example, we haven’t been in a time that has been more un-original. Everybody dresses the same and does the same make up, hairstyles, .. and I can go on and on. Including me off course. There are some celebrities of which their style has been copied by thousands off us like: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, they are definitely the biggest examples. How many girls/women copy her signature style and also think they are part of the clan? I even found a girl on Instagram who is so obsessed with her that she takes pictures pretending that ‘paparazzi is ALSO chasing her’ (that also includes the beige camel coat, sleek black hair and very, very tight midi skirts and HUGE sunglasses).

How many boys dress up with Yeezy’s, ripped jeans and a black hoodie these days? And “feel” a little bit like Kanye or Scott Disick? No offense to everyone who prefers that their style. That’s why I like designers like Raf Simons, he isn’t afraid to try new things and doesn’t follow the rules when it comes to his designs. His personality is reflected into his designs and every clothing item looks like it has it’s own story. And off course another thing that makes him genius; he’s Belgian, just like me.

Girl wearing a Puma sweaterGirl wearing a Puma sweaterGirl wearing a Puma sweaterGirl wearing a Puma sweaterGirl wearing a Puma sweaterGirl wearing a Puma sweater


Red sweater from Puma

Stripped pants from Topshop

Black wedge boots from March23


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