The Leather Jumpsuit

how to wear a leather jumpsuit
 Something incredibly sad but also exciting happend this week, I turned 23 years old. People who know me know that I don’t like aging at all. Off course I need to see it from the bright side, there are people who weren’t as fortunate as I am. So up to the 24 years, I guess. Do I even look like a 23-year old?

Because it was my birthday you’d expect some awesome birthday gifts from your loved ones.. so because I’m a blogger, I share my most materialistic side with you guys. Since I was a kid I was obsessed with every piece that was made out of black leather. Actually it was a leather jacket that stole my heart since I was 8 years old and the obsession has continued till today with a result of: 9 leather jackets hanging in my closet. Hooray!

I was looking for a leather overall for quite some time but I never found one that fulfilled my demands. I was browsing through the internet, checking every web store and then I thought about a very beautiful concept store located in Brussels that has gorgeous labels and clothing pieces. Ladies and gents I would like to introduce you: KURE. If you are looking for pieces that you can wear on a daily basis and you will never get bored of, this store is a must.

P.S.: the best part about this jumpsuit is that is made out of re-used leather.

leather jumpsuit outfit

 The older I get (how ironic), the more I try to invest in pieces that last longer and I can wear on a daily basis. This leather overall is really an investment piece. You can combine different jumpers with it and you can also wear every type of shoe with it. I suggest you start looking for this beauty and I will promise you that your wardrobe looks better in a second.

Leather jumpsuit from KURE, Turtleneck from H&M, Air Jordan 1 Retro Black Toe High sneakers

turtleneck outfit

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