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The rise of the Sneaker Culture

You can’t deny the great influence sneakers had on the fashion industry the last decade. Sneakers you used to wear to go jogging and to do some yoga are now seen on fashions blogs or magazines to promote a new lifestyle. The highly requested sold out items like the Yeezy’s from rapper Kanye West and singer Rihanna’s Puma Fenty’s have become even more popular than your favorite designer’s hand bags. Sneakers have risen to become one of the most recognized items in the pop- and hip hop culture.

Lately people don’t mind whether you’re wearing sneakers to a high-class event because you probably look better than all the other attendees. Even the editors, fashionista’s or influencers who attend fashion week are a big fan of saving their delicate feet from being stressed out. Boss lady Victoria Beckham has said last year that she’d switch her high heels for a pair of comfy Stan Smiths. Recently, sneakers have become an expression of your own personality and your view on fashion.

I feel every sneaker has his own “brave” story and history that brings us to the point why we wear sneakers on a daily basis. My parents used to wear Stan Smiths on the tennis court and now everyone is spotted with them. How cool is it to wear something that reflects your personality and was made before I was even born? I would like to share with you the stories that I have when wearing these iconic sneakers that still dominate in the fashion industry. Off course I’ll show you this with my input and how I like to style them.

They always say: “you have to take a look at the shoes to really get to know a person”.
I suggest you take a look at the sneakers instead 😉

Vans on like a Skater 


img_7681kopie When I wear the Vans Sk8-Hi, I get this skate feeling. This shoe reminds me of a movie called Kids. The director, Larry Clark was fascinated by the raw world of youngster, whom most of the daily activities contained; sex, drugs, alcohol and violence. Clark tried to put all these things in one movie and decided to name it, as you already can guess; Kids. The cool concept of this movie is that Larry didn’t just want actors, but individuals that lived the specific lifestyle in reality.

On the street of Washington, Larry found his “street” kids for the movie. Most of these, skaters, including the late pro-skater Harold Hunter, who would become a skate icon for young skaters across the country. So big that even Supreme released a full collection of clothing as a dedication. The movie Kids gave the people the hard truth of street kids involved with drugs usage, alcohol abuse and unprotected sex, leading to severe consequences of HIV.

“I said give me two pairs” 

img_7696Always been an Air Force 1 fan. The Special Field Air Force 1 takes me to a story of passing on the torch to the new generation. When the Air Force 1 made it’s debut in 1982, NBA players like Michael Cooper, Mosel Malone and Bobby Jones would touch hardwood and bless the fans with an inexplicable way of playing. One time these players would practice at a school yard or the back of their garage.

They shoveled away some snow while others decided to remain warm and dry inside and they kept shooting until they couldn’t see anymore because it was to dark. With the release Nike Air Force 1 Special Field design it looks like these players payed the way for the stars that we admire on our television screen today like; Anthony Davis and Kyrie Irving, who are inspired by these legends.

“Jumpman, Jumpman”


img_7671The Air Jordan I Black Toe takes me back to 85. Michael Jordan was forbidden to wear the Nike Air Ship by the NBA so Nike and Jordan decided to make a new silhouette. But the Black Toe model shares an other story that changed the history of the Jordan brand. It was this sneaker that Jordan wore during his foto shoot that determined what would be the Jordan logo.

These sneakers have always been one of my favorites. I feel like you can wear them with anything and I love the history behind these classics. I sometimes even feel more feminine in these sneakers then in high heels or boots.

“Smells Like Teen Spirit”

naamloos-2The only thing Kurt Cobain and I have in common, is that we both once wore a clothing piece designed by Antwerp’s very own Dries Van Noten and that we both love to rock Converse All-stars. I remember when I saw the Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged performance from 93, I was amazed by the acoustic sounds and the raw voice of Kurt Cobain, being backed-up by drummer Dave Grohl.

Leather All Stars were the first sneakers that I “rocked” as a kid. These are one of the oldest sneakers that have dominated and shaped the fashion industry to where we are now. I will always remember that my mother was forbidden to wear them to school by my grandparents because of the big influence of the punk culture.

“I’ve always believed in the fact that you get to know a person by the way they dress themselves. You can see their confidence, their weaknesses and which features of their bodies they’re proud of. I’ve always loved how every clothing piece or shoe has his own story and how we can find ourselves and our confidence back in fashion”.

This an entry for the Zalando Style Icon // Zalando Creative Content Icon

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