The Sleeveless Biker Jacket and Bold Lipstick

sleeveless biker jacket outfit
sleeveless biker jacket outfit

Sleeveless biker jacket

Since the weather in Belgium is getting colder each day, I didn’t had the chance to wear my sleeveless biker jacket, which I adore. It’s also a memory of a great trip to New York City. I had to play with some combinations so a biker jacket + medium long coat creates a very good look. From the moment it gets warmer and you want to take my coat off, you’ll still have the ability of wearing a great outfit. The great thing about this sleeveless jacket is that you can combined it with different styles. You can wear it ‘chic’ with adding pleated trousers to your outfit or more ‘edgy’ with the help of a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Since I’m dressed pretty dark, I wanted to add some ‘color’ to it. I didn’t add it into my outfit but on my lips. I love the way that it gives you a ‘softer’ look. Eventually every lipstick color looks good with black, so you can play with it as many times as you want.

sleeveless biker jacket and a winter coat

autumn outfit


Autumn outfit

sleeveless biker jacket

sleeveless biker jacket outfit

biker jacket outfit


Sleeveless biker jacket from Topshop

Pleated trousers from Cos

Boots from H&M

Coat from Subdued 

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