Touchdown in Los Angeles

Los Angeles bloggers streetstyle
“Turn the world upside down and everything loose will land in Los Angeles”

How you interpret these words is up to you.

Whenever I think about Los Angeles, I’ve tried to find the perfect way to describe the feeling I’ve get when I think about it. I’ve stumbled upon this quote and I immediately felt the same way as Frank Lloyd Wright.

I gave a lot of thought about whether I would write this blog post or not. Nowadays people don’t really read blog posts anymore and only invest in a strong “Instagram” theme and feed. I feel like you can only show a little of your journey through Instagram, don’t get me wrong, it’s a great platform to communicate with your followers but it’s not enough for me. And I love to write too. You need to ask yourself regularly what you want and how you want to reach your goals. Instagram is not the only answer on this question.

How could I not share this amazing trip to Los Angeles anyway!

By far, the pictures that I’ve took during these trip are my favorite. I love the beautiful Los Angeles sunset lightening. What do I love about Los Angeles the most?


The  atmosphere, the casual laid-back looks, the sneaker-scène and off course Hollywood.

Los Angeles streetstyle

Chanel Store Beverly Hills Los Angeles


Los Angeles Street styleLos Angeles Fashion sceneLos Angeles palmtrees

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