Tropical Vibes In Sint-Maarten

Caribbean view

Remember when you see a picture on Instagram or Pinterest, like these very beautiful images of clear, turquoise water? You instant get jealous because of the pure beauty? That’s where I went. I visited the Caribbean Islands: Bonaire, Aruba, Curaçao and Sint-Maarten. No, I didn’t get the chance to swim with flamingo’s (crying).

Color blocking culotte outfit

I was so happy that I could finally wear some ‘color’, if you know what I mean. In Belgium, these outfits don’t necessarily pay off.

What you need to know about Sint-Maarten:
  • the water is amazingly beautiful so you basically don’t leave the turquoise water
  • it is an island country in the Caribbean sea
  • you will sweat your ass off = 77 % humidity!
  • The Island is divided in 2 countries: “The Netherlands” and “France”
  • Most spoken languages: Dutch, English and French
  • Sint Maarten is the smallest Island in the world
  • There are 37 white beaches to enjoy

I’m personally more a fan of the Dutch part of the country because it was more colorful and I loved the beaches there. This blogpost was just a sneak-peek, I will show you Puerto Rico, Bonaire, Curaçao and Aruba soon. Stay tuned.

Wearing: Yellow Top (Bought in Puerto Rico), Culotte (ZARA), Slippers (PRIMARK), Sunglasses (RAY BAN), Necklace (Bought in Curaçao)

Summer outfit strippedSummer outfit culottes











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