What It’s Like To Have A Pomeranian Dog When You’re A Blogger

Benefits of having a Pomeranian

Before I start this post I would like to ask you guys something. Did you like my previous post about “The Rise of The Sneaker Culture? I’m a little bit sad to announce that I wasn’t nominated and I didn’t made it to the last 4 of the competition. But there will be plently of chances in the future and (of course) I will drive to succeed. I’m actually very glad that Zalando did this competition and gave influencers the chance to bring awareness to their platforms because I have discovered some new bloggers from my neighbour country and they immediately had my attention.

“My Pomeranian: Noah

Frequently everybody is asking me about my little Pomeranian dog: Noah. If my friends see him on Snapchat or Instagram stories, they are acting crazy and completely in love. He is 2 years old, very fluffy and likes to play the whole day with a dog toy named Kong. He has the whole collection so that means he has one of them in every color and is a (little?!) bit spoiled. Can you imagine when you were a kid and you were so full of your bouncing ball? You were probably driving your parents c-r-a-z-y. That’s what my dog is doing to my sisters and brother but we can’t ignore his cute little face.

Black Pomeranian

“He is prettier than me anyway”

My dog loves to follow me and my family around the whole day. That’s his favorite activity. So when I was ready to take pictures to make some fresh content for my blog, (you probably already know what I’m going to tell you) he wanted to join me on this journey. No problem of course. But then when I wanted to sit down to make a photo, he joined me on the couch, he joined me on the stool, he joined me on the tennis court. You get what I mean. So I thought “why not write a blog post about my best friend”? He is prettier than me anyway and knows how to pose naturally. We could all learn from him.

Some of you may be “wondering” if I wear fur. No, I don’t. I can’t deny the fact that I’m always upset when people wear fur when they have so many other options and possibilties to purchase a faux fur coat. It would feel to me if I was wearing my dog’s fur. So people let’s help our best friends out and don’t wear their coat.

P.S. : he can look at little sad sometimes.
Faux Fur Coat Asos
Black Pomeranian dogFaux Fur Coat Zara


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