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my trip to new york city

Some of you may know that I’ve been on a vacay to New York City last year in September. Is it a coincidence that Fashion Week took place there at the exact time that I went? Absolutely! So where can I start? New York never fails to surprise me, it is the 4th time actually that I visited the Big Apple. But this time I turned 21 years old the year I went, if you know what I mean..

No I’ve never had the honor to celebrate my birthday in New York. Because I am a Marketing student and I have finals every 3 months, it is not possible for me to hop on a plain and go straight to the city of my dreams. Before you will lose interest in reading this post, I will tell you why I think New York was amazing and still is:

No matter WHERE  you are in New York City or at which time, you will always feel inspired and blessed to experience the city that never goes to sleep. Doesn’t matter if you are in Brooklyn (which I love), Queens (I felt at home because of all the different European neighborhoods) or maybe in the less “popular” borough The Bronx. One city, with  tons of different cultures and personalities. And it still is (off course) the most popular city in the United States.

Blogger traveling to New York City

One of the things that I regret the most is not starting my blog during my stay at NYC! Hello, every corner, wall or store is practically photographic material! Sometimes it is really hard for me to find  good locations for my blog pictures who are not corny, commonplace or “I-have-seen-this-a-100-times-with-other-bloggers”. And off course posing also goes natural in New York City, the locals are used to more touristic sh*t than looking socially awkward at posing before the Empire State building or stopping traffic because you want a background picture with the good old yellow cabs.

I’m glad to say that there will be 2 upcoming posts about New York City and my adventure exploring this beauty.

(don’t mind my very, very sweaty hair and in these pictures!)

Wearing: leather top from Replay, short from Topshop, Bag from Chloé and Ultra boost white sneakers from Adidas

fashion blogger in Manhattan, New York Citymy trip to New York Cityblogger wearing ultra boost white sneakers


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